CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee

CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee

CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee

Candidate Biography


Born in Rockport and raised in a close knit family, Jonathan learned early on the value of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance. Jonathan's mother along with other family members, immigrated from Portugal to the United States, working hard to give back to America, starting families and businesses in the North Shore area.

After graduating from Rockport High School, Jonathan attended Salem State University, earning a degree in political science and serving as a student voting member of the SSU Board of Trustees. Jonathan has earned various certificates and awards, including a Certificate of Achievement for Essentials in HR Management from the Society for Human Resource Management, and a Legal Office Support Certificate from North Shore Community College. Jonathan also audited a course on Ethics in Business at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. 

Jonathan partnered with his late father and operated his family's used furniture business at an outlet at Todd's Farm Flea Market in Rowley. Jonathan had to wear many hats including procuring new items to sell, managing the inventory and a limited budget, reporting the sales tax to the Department of Revenue, and sales. After closing his business, Jonathan worked as a Notary Public, Sales Associate, and Certified Operator for a privately owned UPS Store retail outlet, where he learned how to grow sales performance, market products, research alternative solutions to challenging situations, and provide customer support. Currently he assists in the management of a local small business in Beverly, the Union Jack Market, selling British and Irish food and gifts.

Jonathan was appointed to a volunteer position on the Rockport Historic District Commission, where he  worked with the Commission from 2008 - 2013 to vote on applications, research important issues, and balance the needs of individual homeowners while protecting the unique historical character of Rockport's historic districts.

In 2014, Jonathan filed a citizen bill, with the help of Senator Bruce Tarr (R - Gloucester), bill S1976, an Act Relative to Tobacco Cessation. Jonathan spoke before the Joint Committee on Public Health to testify that adopting this bill will promote tobacco cessation efforts and save lives. Jonathan promoted this bill after his father passed away from a debilitating illness with lung cancer, due to years of tobacco use. (Four years later, thanks to the work of Anti Tobacco activists, language from this bill was adopted and passed by the House Ways and Means Committee:

Jonathan ran twice for Rockport School Committee, and once for Selectman, each time bringing positive ideas and energy to the campaign as well as much needed competition to ensure that voters had a choice at the polls for these important positions. Also, as a community advocate, Jonathan organized the campaign to defeat the Rockport Sanctuary Ballot Question in May of 2017 - a ballot question that proposed making Rockport a sanctuary for illegal immigration. Rockport voters voted down this divisive ballot question by a vote of 56% and preserved Rockport as a safe place that is accepting of all people that lawfully abide in our communities. 

In 2016 Jonathan was elected by Rockport voters to a five year term on the Rockport Housing Authority (RHA). Jonathan was appointed, in 2016, by his fellow board members, to serve as Treasurer of the RHA, and in 2017 was appointed by his fellow board members to serve as Vice Chair of the RHA. Jonathan was also nominated by the RHA board to serve as the board's representative on the Rockport Affordable Housing Trust. In June of 2018, Jonathan was elected by his fellow board members to serve as chairperson for a one year term. Jonathan was re-elected to serve another term as chairperson.

​Jonathan is an elected member of the Rockport Republican Town Committee, a committee he has served on since 2002. Jonathan served as Republican committee secretary from 2008 - 2012, and in March of 2014, he was elected by the committee to serve as a delegate to the Massachusetts Republican State Convention where he proudly cast his vote for various reform minded candidates for the Commonwealth. Jonathan was nominated by the Rockport Republican Town Committee, and appointed in November 2014 by the Rockport Board of Selectmen, to represent the Republican party on the Board of Registrars, a municipal board charged with overseeing the conduct of local elections and voter registration. Jonathan served from 2014 - 2016, leaving this post after his election to the Rockport Housing Authority. Jonathan continues to be active in the Rockport Republican Town Committee, and was elected to be chairman of the Committee in 2017. As Chair of the RRTC, Jonathan served as a delegate to the 2018 Massachusetts GOP Convention. In 2018 Jonathan was nominated by the Republican Party to run for the office of Register of Deeds for Essex County South and successfully made the race competitive, garnering up to 72,000 votes in the district on election day. Jonathan will continue to help and support Republican candidates and promote fair and balanced debates and proposals in the North Shore.