CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee

CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee

CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee CHAIR, Rockport Republican Town Committee
Jonathan Ring met Kentucky Senator and former presidential candidate Rand Paul.


Rockport GOP Re-organized amidst Covid 19 pandemic

(Face book post 4/19/20) 

While the Rockport Republican Town Committee (RRTC) was unable to meet in person because of social distancing requirements necessary to prevent the spread of covid 19, the committee was able to meet last week via Audio Conference Call. And while many RRTC events are on temporary hold so that the committee can follow health guidelines and help stop the spread of the virus, the RRTC was still able to re-organize. Congratulations to Don Campbell who was elected to the position of vice-Chair, and Robert Morris was re-elected as Treasurer. Jonathan Ring was re-elected to the position of Chair. The RRTC discussed upcoming elections and signature gathering efforts for various GOP candidates, who have to get many of their signatures via mail because social distance requirements make it difficult to get signatures in person. To learn more about how you can help get Republican candidates on the ballot go to Richard A Baker Jr, GOP state committeeman, who hosted the audio conference, reported the great news that the Mass GOP State Committee unanimously re-elected Jim Lyons to the position of state chair, and voted in over 30 pro- Trump Delegates to the RNC national convention. The RRTC is looking forward to supporting Trump in the November election. To learn more about the RRTC go to .

Campbell, Ring, Two Top Vote Getters in Rockport GOP Committee Primary

(Face book post, March 3, 2020) 

Great election night results. Very exciting. I am happy to report that the top vote getter for the Rockport Republican town committee (RRTC) was Don Campbell with 230 votes. Congratulations Don! I was next with 228 votes. I want to also congratulate all of the members of the RRTC who were elected with me, and in many cases re-elected, to a new 4 year term. They are Don Campbell, Georgia Gibbons, David Gibbons, Ellen Canavan, Peter C. Webber, Dianne Regan Parisi, Robert Morris, Mike Boucher, Janine Boucheŕ, Brad Bigelow. We also appointed a 12th member by the name of Harry Korslund at our last meeting. He also got three write in votes. All of these members have contributed a lot to the committee.. Trump, Amanda Orlando Kesterson, Richard A Baker Jr also won Rockport. Congratulations! Check out Rockport Results for Republican and Democratic ballots right here:

GOP hosted candidates night in Rockport

(GDT FEB 21, 2020) 

Ring Delivers CPC application to Support Public Housing in Rockport

(Face book Post 2/3/20)

Today on behalf of the Rockport Housing Authority (RHA), I was pleased to deliver at town hall the RHA's application for funding of roof replacements to the Community Preservation Committee. Special thanks to Director Leigh Perry Duda for work in preparing the documents, and to fellow board members for their support: Bethany Brosnan, John Knowlton, Sue Terry Blake, Theresa Byrne. Cover letter to the CPC states the following:


Dear CPC

On behalf of the RHA, I want to extend our appreciation to your committee for the work you do in making sure that many worthwhile projects receive consideration for CPC support. We also appreciate your dedication and support of Rockport’s affordable housing needs, and we hope that the RHA’s proposed project will help to fulfill one of the central missions of the CPC, to support affordable housing for low, and moderate, income families.

The RHA Board and I unanimously voted on Thursday January 9th to request $236,869 from the CPC fund to provide for roof replacement for RHA’s low income family housing at Kitefield Road in Rockport. We feel that this is a worthwhile investment that will help us maintain affordable housing for many families in Rockport.

The Rockport Housing Authority has over the years benefited many Rockport residents. Most recently, since October, 75% of the most recent move ins to Millbrook park and Kitefield Road were originally Rockport residents. In addition, there are 37 school age children housed in the 24 units at Kitefield Road operated by the RHA.

By assisting in the roof replacement at Kitefield Road you are helping to provide Rockport families, and school age children, a safe and affordable housing environment in your own community. Once again, thank you for your consideration.


Jonathan Ring


RHA Board

Ring Co-authors Union Jack Market letter Thanking Parade Group in Beverly 

Trump's record on Race

(GDT Letter by Jonathan Ring, August 25, 2019) 

Jonathan Ring re-elected as RHA Board Chair

(Facebook Post July 11, 2019)

At today's (7/11/19) Rockport Housing Authority (RHA) meeting I was re-elected to serve a second term as chair of the RHA Board. I am very proud and appreciative to serve in this capacity and I look forward to working with the board to continue the great work we've been doing. The biggest accomplishments, I feel, have been in change of management - finding and appointing Leigh Perry-Duda as our executive director, who is doing a great job, as well as the election of RHA tenant representative John Kowlton in last year's town election. I also believe we have increased public transparency on the board, with the publication of an entry of the RHA in the Annual Town report, and presentation of section 8 expenses to the Treasury report to the Board. Today we also welcomed new state appointed board member -Sue Terry Blake, who has done great work in town on the Council on Aging. Her service to our community was recognized by Senator Tarr and Governor Charlie Baker to support her appointment. Congratulations also to newly elected member Theresa Byrne for being elected vice-chair, and to Bethany Brosnan for being re-elected to the Treasurer post. Once again, I want to thank Rockport for giving me the opportunity to serve. 

Jonathan Ring Featured with owner of Union Jack Market 

(June 19, 2019) 

Ring Challenges False Narrative about Trump and Obstruction

(Letter to Editor: 4/23/19 GDT)

Jay McMahon, Jonathan Ring, Rick Green, other past 2018 candidates spoke at VFW in Athol, MA

Posted: April 11, 2019

Ring oversees hiring process of new RHA Executive Director.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 (Gloucester Daily Times):
"First executive director in three years hired", by Michael Cronin, Staff Writer. Rockport - 

After six months on the job, Rockport Housing Authority's first executive director in over three years, Leigh Perry Duda, says she is happy to be in the role and a part of the Rockport community. "It's a learning experience," she said, "but I'm getting there." Before taking over at Rockport Housing Authority, Perry Duda worked in the private housing sector. She served as a regional operations manager and oversaw eight communities in Manchester and Rhode Island. "The regulations are a little different and how they do their documentation and calculations," said Perry Duda. "I'm applying my old knowledge to this position, switching my hat and figuring out the new systems. The executive director at Gloucester Housing Authority (David Houlden) has been really helpful." It was the Gloucester Housing Authority that served as executive director before Perry Duda's hiring and after a fruitless search was held nearly four years ago. "The salary requirements were much lower back then and not as many people applied," said Jonathan Ring, chairman of the Rockport Housing Authority board. Although he began his term in 2016 and did not partake in the search, he said his peers had difficult time finding talent at the time. As executive director, the Gloucester Housing Authority selected registrants, oversaw construction projects, and managed finances and budget. The Rockport Housing Authority board continued on normally, establishing funding and setting policy and budgets for the GHA to work under. "We enjoyed working with them and the residents they serve," said Houlden. "(The Gloucester Housing Authority) operates a lot of the same programs and works with the same regulators." Last March, the Gloucester Housing Authority voted not to renew the contract they had with Rockport Housing Authority. According to Ring, Gloucester Housing Authority's resources were beginning to spread too thin across both departments. "We were getting ready to leave the contract ourselves and find a new executive director," he said. "It was kind of a mutual thing. Houlden helped us transition, drafting the advertisements. It helped us quite a bit." Salary requirements were also raised for the position, which caused possible candidates to flock. Ultimately, Ring said Perry Duda was chosen based on her previous experience in housing management and because she was a Cape Ann native. "She's phenomenal," he said, "She's still getting her feet wet in public housing, but she's doing a really great job. I can't say enough great things about her." Currently, Perry Duda said she's in the middle of completing her Massachusetts Public Housing Administrator certification by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. "The residents have all been great," she said. "I want to make sure they're happy and safe and that we are following the guidelines."

For more information on the Rockport Housing Authority go to:

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Jonathan Ring has been active in the Rockport and North Shore community as chair of the Rockport Republican Town Committee, and as a publicly elected official on the Rockport Housing Authority.  To learn more about how he is making a difference in his community, read these news articles.